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Tag: Elections

Deborah Chasman, Robin D. G. Kelley

Robin D. G. Kelley on the midterm elections.

Nicholas Coccoma

They may seem the cornerstone of democracy, but in reality they do little to promote it. There's a far better way to empower ordinary citizens: democracy by lottery.

Tobias Hübinette

The recent electoral success of a party with Nazi origins must be understood as part of the long history of white Swedes’ desire for racial homogeneity.

David Hogg, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

David Hogg and Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz discuss replacement theory, the gunman’s manifesto, and how we organize against violent white supremacy.

Martin O’Neill

Center-left parties should learn that small-bore solutions are a waste of time.

Jacob Whiton

Support for pro-Trump Republicans remains driven by relatively well-off whites in fast-growing, rapidly diversifying suburbs—not by economic despair in rural America.

Lawrence B. Glickman
If Trump was the end of the “party of ideas,” the rise of Reagan was its start. But what were those “ideas” in the first place, and were they really as new as people said?
David Walsh
Joe Biden positioned himself as the “return to normalcy” candidate. But normalcy is not something we can afford—we must actively resist it.
Archon Fung
Unless we bolster its foundations, our enfeebled democracy won’t be able to solve any of the daunting problems Biden has singled out as priorities.
Christopher Lebron
We should condemn the president-elect’s record on race, but that does not foreclose hope for his administration.
Jan-Werner Müller

Basic norms exist for political parties; Republicans don’t meet them.

Joshua Cohen, Reed Hundt

Part two of a conversation on voter turnout, vote counting, and what we can expect now. 

Michael Gecan
The only antidote to despair over national politics will be to generate and expand new solutions at local, state, and regional levels.
Julie C. Suk
Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation is a sham, but it is one the Constitution allows. There’s only one way out of this crisis: we must amend.
Jonathan M. Metzl

Trump is only the latest to exploit it. A new path forward must address the structures that sustain it.

Yochai Benkler
The party’s fifty-year strategy has reached an electoral dead end.
Joshua Cohen, Reed Hundt
Donald Trump's winning strategy.
Milli Lake, Marie E. Berry
Some gender equality initiatives help to reinforce exclusion rather than dismantle it.
Justin H. Vassallo

Without pressure from social movements, they won’t produce meaningful and deeply needed reform.

Joseph J. Fischel, Kevin Henderson
Allegations against Mayor Alex Morse sought to use a moral panic for political gain. Such manipulations of public sentiment not only harm their intended target, though: they can set back decades of progressive politics.
Jennifer M. Piscopo

If women’s suffrage was the battle of the twentieth century, women’s representation will be the battle of the twenty-first.

Jan-Werner Müller

Some candidates who lose elections strengthen democracy, but others threaten the democratic system itself.

Shauna L. Shames, Jennifer M. Piscopo
On the hundreth anniversary of suffrage, it’s time for gender equity in political office.
Joshua Cohen, Deborah Chasman
What does gender equity in a democracy look like?
Sam Rosenfeld

Some think it would cure two-party gridlock. But what works in parliamentary governments might not help in our presidential system.

Eleni Schirmer
As Wisconsinites are forced to vote during a pandemic, it’s worth recalling the 2011 Wisconsin Uprising, and the valuable lessons that can be gleaned from labor organizing in the face of disaster.
Reed Hundt
We must institute a method of electing a president that is sensitive to the votes of Americans everywhere.
Eitan Hersh
Political hobbyism takes well-meaning citizens away from pursuing power.
Ronald Aronson

Trump’s secret to success is that he expresses his base’s deep sense of alienation and grievance—cultural and social far more than economic.

Elizabeth Catte

It's time to rewrite the narrative of “Trump Country.” Rural places weren't always red, and many are turning increasingly blue.

Makani Themba
Jackson has a long history of black resistance—a seeming contradiction in a state better known for its stubborn poverty, violent Confederate fan boys, and deeply entrenched black oppression.
S. Ani Mukherji
Scott Walker and Paul Ryan broke from Wisconsin’s long progressive history. But as liberals search for what went wrong, they must not ignore the state’s legacy of systemic racism and inequity. 
Martha C. Nussbaum, Boston Review
Watch Martha C. Nussbaum discuss her latest book and where to go next in our moment of political crisis.
Deborah Chasman, Errol Morris
Morris on his new film and what he thinks of the man who likened himself to Darth Vader and Satan.
Elaine Kamarck

Obama refused to fight the political battles necessary to forge sustainable policies and a presidential legacy.

Sam Rosenfeld

We may not like it, but when it comes to U.S. politics, polarization may very well be part of the solution.

Aziz Rana

Citizens of African countries are expected to accede to a lower political standard than real democracy. Not only does this perpetuate the old colonial imagination, it is also fundamentally wrong.

Paul Hockenos

Could Germany's left-wing parties unseat Angela Merkel in Sunday's election? Only if they bury the hatchet.

Aziz Rana

Elections are now used to legitimate authoritarian regimes, not herald liberal democracy. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Kenya.

Rajan Menon, Thomas Graham

Russiagate is causing more stress than glee for Putin, who always thought Hillary would win.

Umar Farooq

After Turkey's failed 2016 coup, retribution has become a farcical national obsession.

Martin O’Neill
Were Labour's gains in the recent British election overblown, or is there real cause for hope?
Boston Review

Bernie Sanders sat down with us to talk about the future of progressive politics. This is what he said.

Niko Kolodny

New theories of voting behavior explain bad outcomes, but are they convincing?

William E. Scheuerman

Here's the real reason the GOP made peace with Trump.

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