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Tag: Israel and Palestine

A. Dirk Moses

The law occludes the abhorrent violence routinely perpetrated by states in the name of self-defense.

Radhika Sainath

Support for Palestinian rights is facing a McCarthyite backlash.

Oded Na’aman

In the aftermath of October 7.

Helena Cobban

Any peace will depend on a sober assessment of Hamas.

Stefanie Fox

“Never again” means standing up for Palestinian people. “Never again” means this very moment.

Deborah Chasman, Noura Erakat

A conversation with Palestinian human rights attorney Noura Erakat on the need for a political solution.

Rajan Menon

Amid ongoing reporting and ethical outrage, we need context for the fight between Hamas and Israel—and how it shapes possibilities for peace.

Andrew Ross
Joshua Abramson Cohen

Daniel Boyarin makes the seemingly paradoxical proposal that in order to end Zionism, Jewishness should be defined as nationhood.

Jeremy Pressman

They might, given growing disaffection with Israel among young American Jews.

Omar Dajani, Aslı U. Bâli

In Palestine and Kurdistan, promising experiments in self-determination draw on the region’s pluralist history.

Noura Erakat

Palestinian women and feminist organizations are reimagining what liberation can look like beyond national independence.

Jennifer Zacharia

Condemning U.S. deference to Israel, a cousin remembers the life and legacy of the slain Palestinian American journalist.

Raja Shehadeh

Remembering the Nakba is not optional.

A recording of our event featuring Noam Chomsky, Sally Abed, Omar Dahi, Alon-lee Green, Congressman Jim McGovern, and Dr. James Zogby, President of the Arab-American Institute.
Ariella Aïsha Azoulay
On language and belonging.
Sophia Goodfriend

In the high-tech culture of Tel Aviv, military-grade spying on civilians has become just another office job.

Muzna Awayed-Bishara

A Palestinian mother’s perspective.

Maryam Jamshidi
The country has manipulated rules of engagement to serve its colonialist project in Palestine. Legal scholars must face this fact head on.
Esmat Elhalaby

Attempts to cast Said as the consummate New York intellectual miss the point that his milieu was one of global, and specifically Palestinian, anticolonial struggle.

Helena Cobban

Accounts still get the history of Palestinian diplomacy wrong.

Etan Nechin

The city is running out of graves, and against the backdrop of the Israel–Palestine conflict, burial is often a political matter.

Emmaia Gelman

Under the guise of fighting hate speech, the ADL has a long history of wielding its moral authority to attack Arabs, blacks, and queers.

Radhika Sainath

Since 2014 twenty-seven states have adopted laws that aim to discourage boycotts of Israel. At stake is our First Amendment right to protest state policies.

Deborah Chasman, Cornel West

Cornel West and Deborah Chasman discuss the disproportionately white publishing world, the responsibilities and burdens of public life, and the predicament of black intellectuals today.

Mark Tseng-Putterman, Donna Nevel
Two Jewish activists discuss the place of anti-Semitism in contemporary movements for social justice.
Jeremy Pressman

For a two-state solution to succeed, Israeli Jews must first forswear their righteous narrative of moral superiority.

Odeh Bisharat

The government’s new Nation State Law codifies prejudice, but therein lies a silver lining.

David R. K. Adler

But it is increasingly difficult to question Israel’s policies without accusations of anti-Semitism.

Boston Review
Arab American poetry and the work of liberation.
Ezra Glinter

Alternatives to Zionism, from the Uganda Scheme to Birobidzhan, present a complex history of the search for a Jewish home.

Oded Na’aman

War is almost always a choice, a madness we go along with.

Assaf Sharon

In Israel and Palestine, two states are still better than one.

Elad Uzan
It is becoming impossible to ignore the growing theocratic elements in a nation that sees itself as the only democracy in the Middle East.
J. A. Bernstein
Serving in the Israeli army as a foreign volunteer.
Simon Waxman
“Reports of the demise of Israeli-U.S. relations are not only premature, they’re just wrong.” It is hard to disagree.
Itamar Mann
Justifying the necessity defense in Israel and the United States.
Omri Boehm

Can Israel Be Both Jewish and Democratic?

Noam Chayut
On July 19 I joined a licensed march in Haifa against the Gaza war.
Jason Stanley
History has shown time and again that it is not possible to dehumanize an enemy while treating their cousins, aunts, and uncles with respect. 
Seth Lazar

If Hamas uses civilian shields, is the IDF responsible for their deaths?

Assaf Sharon

The militarization of Jewish supremacism in Israel.

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