Articles tagged with israel-and-palestine

Jennifer Zacharia

Condemning U.S. deference to Israel, a cousin remembers the life and legacy of the slain Palestinian American journalist.

Raja Shehadeh

Remembering the Nakba is not optional.

A recording of our event featuring Noam Chomsky, Sally Abed, Omar Dahi, Alon-lee Green, Congressman Jim McGovern, and Dr. James Zogby, President of the Arab-American Institute.

Ariella Aïsha Azoulay

On language and belonging.

Maryam Jamshidi

The country has manipulated rules of engagement to serve its colonialist project in Palestine. Legal scholars must face this fact head on.

Esmat Elhalaby

Attempts to cast Said as the consummate New York intellectual miss the point that his milieu was one of global, and specifically Palestinian, anticolonial struggle.

Helena Cobban

A recent Foreign Affairs article gets history wrong and obscures a robust Palestinian discourse.

Radhika Sainath

Since 2014 twenty-seven states have adopted laws that aim to discourage boycotts of Israel. At stake is our First Amendment right to protest state policies.

Odeh Bisharat

The government’s new Nation State Law codifies prejudice, but therein lies a silver lining.