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Tag: Israel and Palestine

Jeremy Pressman

They might, given growing disaffection with Israel among young American Jews.

Omar Dajani, Aslı U. Bâli

In Palestine and Kurdistan, promising experiments in self-determination draw on the region’s pluralist history.

Joseph Levine

Why we must acknowledge the claims of the Palestinians.

Assaf Sharon

The militarization of Jewish supremacism in Israel.

Helena Cobban

The decline of Israel’s progressive movement.

Noura Erakat

Palestinian women and feminist organizations are reimagining what liberation can look like beyond national independence.

Raja Shehadeh

Remembering the Nakba is not optional.

Jennifer Zacharia

Condemning U.S. deference to Israel, a cousin remembers the life and legacy of the slain Palestinian American journalist.

Jason Stanley
History has shown time and again that it is not possible to dehumanize an enemy while treating their cousins, aunts, and uncles with respect.