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Colin Fleming

After years of obscurity,
the “5” Royales are finally
getting their due.

Colin Fleming

Drake was an artist so out of step with his own time that he came to be in lockstep with things not bound by time.

Dave Byrne

The Making of an American Folk Song

Simon Waxman

If gangsta rap lyrics are evidence of criminality, what are we to make of gruesome murders depicted in many folk and country songs?

Alan A. Stone

Joel and Ethan Coen's Inside Llewyn Davis.

Megan Pugh

The novel House of Earth shows Woody Guthrie in a different light, exiled from the Dust Bowl but dreaming of it still.

Dan Chelotti Michael Zapruder

Michael Zapruder discusses converting poetry into music.

Megan Pugh

In the 1930s and ’40s, American dance was about working men and women, not dying swans.

Thelonious Monk
Scott Saul

Robin D.G. Kelley’s Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original restores the pianist and composer to the history he lived through.

Nicholas Delbanco

How growing old shapes aesthetic vision.