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Tag: Poverty

Mike Konczal

Debt relief is fair. It would also be good for the economy. Why isn’t it happening? Politics.

Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee

Aid can help to address global poverty. But we need field experiments—randomized controlled trials—to tell us which programs work.

Edward Miguel

Progress in the world's poorest region.

Paul Collier

If richer states provide security, the poorest can finally grow.

Kentaro Toyama

Many development experts promote information and communication technology (ICT) as a way to relieve global poverty. They should pay more attention to the human beings who use it.

Michael Kremer, Rachel Glennerster

That people respond to the relative costs and returns of schooling might imply that the poor are optimizing the amount of school they invest in, as predicted in a simple economic model. But evidence suggests that reality is more complex.

Pranab Bardhan

Big-time development economists are missing something.

Rob Nixon

Monarch butterflies may be gone in thirty years. Saving them seems apolitical, but environmentalists have landed in the sights of drug cartels, illegal loggers, Trump supporters, and even clandestine avocado farmers.

Anthony Appiah, Cornel West, Glenn C. Loury, bell hooks, Henry Louis Gates, Jr, Margaret A. Burnham, Eugene F. Rivers III

A roundtable with bell hooks, Cornel West, and more.

Brishen Rogers

Each week, another magazine, book, or think tank sketches a dystopian near-future in which automation renders workers unnecessary. Is a basic income the solution?