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Articles in Arts in Society tagged with Short Story

Daniel A. Olivas

How can you have thoughts without words? The man turned back to his coffee and drank. It was cold. Breakfast was done. Time to move on.

Doris W. Cheng

I resolved to stay close to my mother.

Joe Pitkin

She described their world at last in a language that they recognized as true.

Jamel Brinkley

It’s a thing about being a man. To be so stingy, to deny even a sip of yourself. To deny and deny and deny until one day it all comes out as a violence, like water spewing forth from a hose. 

Peter Kazon

When you weren’t sure if a guy was gay, you asked if he was Canadian. The straight ones always look puzzled, and told you they were American.

Noel Quiñones

We knew language better than anybody, how you could crack it out of fortune cookies or loop it into a rhythm or rip it to shreds and make money off the confetti. 

Jeffery Renard Allen

What do the dead owe the living?

Swati Prasad

“We were idyllic in our isolation.”

Parashar Kulkarni

“In the East, it is the cow that animalizes the man. Hence, the native occupies this intermediate space between man and beast, which we term ‘savage.’”

Sascha Stronach

The world never really ended. An apocalypse wasn’t an end so much as a change of state, ice into water.

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