In the fourth episode of A Political and Literary Podcast, published on the occasion of Trump's inauguration to the office of president, six Americans poets, Stephanie Burt, Lynn Melnick, Monica Youn, Dorothea Lasky, Peter Gizzi, and Khadijah Queen read poems that register protest and mark a moment of political rupture. Their work is excerpted from the chapbook Poems for Political Disasterwhich gathers poems from the eve of the twenty-first century to the month following Trump’s election—to summon the collective strength found in the languages of resistance and memory, subversion and declamation, struggle and hope.

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The poems are read in the following order:

Concord Grapes, Stephanie Burt
Inauguration Poem, Lynn Melnick
A Guide to Usage: Mine, Monica Youn
Disaster, Dorothea Lasky
The Ingenuity of Animal SurvivalPeter Gizzi
In the Event of an Apocalypse, Be Ready to Die, Khadijah Queen

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