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Nate File
Boston Review, Rosie Gillies
Assata Shakur — “Women in Prison: How It Is With Us”
Boston Review, Rosie Gillies
The Combahee River Collective Statement
Boston Review, Rosie Gillies
Fred Hampton — “Power Anywhere There’s People”
Boston Review, Rosie Gillies
Jesse Gray — “The Black Revolution: A Struggle for Political Power”
Boston Review, Rosie Gillies
Jack O’Dell — “The July Rebellions and the ‘Military State’”
Boston Review, Rosie Gillies
Our members-only podcast is now available to all! A reading series of radical essays and speeches, season one highlights six short texts related to Black liberation struggles in the U.S., from Claudia Jones to the Combahee River Collective.
Boston Review, Rosie Gillies

Claudia Jones — “An End of the Neglect of the Problems of the Negro Woman!”

Archon Fung, Arlie Hochschild

A conversation between Arlie Hochschild and Archon Fung.

William Perry, Zia Mian, Jim McGovern, Edward Markey, Hugh Gusterson, John Burroughs, Rosa Brooks, Sissela Bok, Bruce Blair, Kennette Benedict, Bruce Ackerman, Jonathan King, Elaine Scarry
What differentiates the crimes of a terrorist, hacker, or non-state actor from those of a president who launches a nuclear weapon?
Cornel West
Cornel West on Martin Luther King, Jr., hope, and the future of activism.
Daniel Penny

The modes of perception and living that we attribute to Instagram are rooted in a much older aesthetic of the picturesque.

Tananarive Due
After the slave trade and colonization, history has become a dystopia.
Dani Rodrik

As we heap scorn on neoliberalism, we risk throwing out some of its most useful ideas.

Nalo Hopkinson
Nalo Hopkinson on the politics of dystopia, writing from the Global South, and the enduring importance of black mermaids.
Cathy O’Neil

Many visions of the future proliferate in Silicon Valley. Which one is worth fighting for?

Vesla M. Weaver, Tracey L. Meares
Is policing a public good gone bad?
From healthcare to education to clean water, the things that are owed to members of a democracy are under threat today. Our new issue explores the question of public goods and what we can do to save them.
Boston Review

Bernie Sanders sat down with us to talk about the future of progressive politics. This is what he said.

Trump's inauguration featured no poetry. We fixed that. 
Aziz Rana, John Bowen

Islamophobia is a shared project of the Democrat and Republican parties, long preceding the rise of white nationalism and Trump.

Walter Johnson

What can W. E. B. Du Bois and the black radical tradition tell us about Trump's election and radical political action today?

Junot Díaz

Our critique of the present is essential to producing a future. 

Junot Díaz dissects Donald Trump's misogynist rhetoric and the larger societal forces that make it possible.
Boston Review

On December 2, 2013, the Center for Middle East Studies at University of Denver co-hosted a debate on Syria with Columbia University's Committee on Global Thought. 

David Gorin

Keston Sutherland and Geoffrey G. O’Brien in Performance

David Keith

Harvard climate scientist David Keith leads a discussion about his new book, A Case for Climate Engineering, explaining climate engineering as a tool to combat global warming. He is joined by MIT political scientists Kenneth Oye and Stephen Van Evera. 

Hyunseop Kim, Blake Francis, Mark Budolfson, Debra Satz
 Ethicists, economists, and others have developed a set of useful tools for deciding what to do when economic, environmental, and social values conflict. 
Ronald Deibert

Toward Distributed Security in Cyberspace

David Hollinger, Joshua Cohen, Elizabeth Anderson

Elizabeth Anderson discusses her Wesson Lecture on slavery, emancipation and equality with BR Co-Editor Joshua Cohen and historian David Hollinger.

Elizabeth Anderson

Elizabeth Anderson visits Stanford's Center for Ethics in Society to discuss objections to slavery and their implications for our understanding of equality.

Rob Reich

Stanford's Rob Reich examines the role of foundations in democratic societies—the subject of his Boston Review forum essay What Are Foundations For?

Richard M. Locke

Richard M. Locke visits Brown's Watson Institute to discuss the ideas from his recent forum essay Can Global Brands Create Just Supply Chains?

Rob Reich

Rob Reich discusses his views on philanthropy and democracy.

Susie Cagle

The story behind the municipal bankruptcy of Stockton, CA, illustrated.

Glenn C. Loury, Joshua Cohen

BR Co-editor Joshua Cohen chats with contributor Glenn Loury on

Jens Hainmueller, Richard Locke, Scott Nova, Dara O’Rourke

An Ideas Matter event held at MIT on November 3, 2011

Joshua Cohen, Noam Chomsky

Video of an Ideas Matter event held at MIT on September 22, 2011

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Just in time for the holidays, get any three print issues of Boston Review for just $35 – that’s 40% off the cover price!

Before December 9, mix and match any three issues for one low price using code 3FOR35.

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