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Jessie Kindig

“Megafires” are now a staple of life in the Pacific Northwest, but how we talk about them illustrates the tension at the heart of the western myth itself.

Dayton Martindale

A new book on climate change deploys an old theme, pitting man against nature. This is not only wrong; it stands in the way of a just future.

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Stefania Heim Timothy Donnelly BK Fischer

The poems collected in What Nature were written in the predawn of the Sixth Extinction Event.

Matthew King

Silicon Valley has turned the problem of marine plastic waste into yet another avenue for “disruption.” But why should clean oceans have to make good business sense?

Lauren Carasik

Standing Rock shows us that businesses don’t simply silence protestors, they also discredit and bankrupt them.

David McDermott Hughes

There is more than enough wind energy to power our future. But our model of paying for it is stuck in the past.

Ashley Dawson

Global capitalism is no longer simply characterized by uneven development, it is characterized by uneven disaster.

Meghan O’Gieblyn

From the Great Lakes to the Flint River, we have devastated our waters through negligence, lethargy, and good intentions.

Jack Heinemann

Biodiversity should be maintained by using it, not by storing it under ice.

Lauren Carasik

The U.S. turns a blind eye on the murder of environmentalist Berta Cáceres.