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Michael Jackson

An anthropologist reflects on West African divination as a case study in hope during times of great uncertainty.

Alexander Betts

East African countries host seven times more refugees than we do. Their policies look beyond their borders. So should ours.

Alex de Waal

A civil war in the northern region of Tigray broke out in November. Denial within the international community has prevented much-needed humanitarian aid.

Ariella Aïsha Azoulay

A recent report neglects to mention how France forced Arab Jews to adopt the European persona of Jew as citizen and see Arabs and Muslims as others.

Nanjala Nyabola

To ask why COVID-19 hasn’t been deadlier in Africa is to suggest that more Africans should be dying. We need better questions.

Kevin P. Donovan

Working people are forever kept on the brink of going broke. More than higher wages and better job security, a just economy requires giving them the power to choose and create their own futures.

Milli Lake Marie E. Berry

Some gender equality initiatives help to reinforce exclusion rather than dismantle it.

Nicholas Rush Smith

As we know from South Africa's crisis, political and social fault lines will shape the contours of joblessness.

kenya digital debt 2
Kevin P. Donovan Emma Park

Kenya's poor were among the first to benefit from digital lending apps; now they call it slavery.

LeBron Black Panther
Christopher Lebron

Black Panther, a movie unique for its Black star power, depends on a shocking devaluation of Black American men.