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Tag: Books & Ideas

Kelly Lytle Hernández

Throughout the twentieth century, bipartisan consensus was that black youth were latent criminals in need of abundant policing.

Jordan Michael Smith

The idea that Putin is driven by the philosophy of Eurasianism obscures the pragmatism of Russia's foreign policy. 

Matthew Karp

The 1850s were a turning point for globalization, from telegraphs to colonization.

Gregory Jones-Katz

Lampooned as a dangerous import from Paris, deconstruction is in fact a distinctively American phenomenon.

Hugh Ryan

Many see gayness as inseparable from city life. But many LGBT Americans—particularly queer black folks—live in rural places. Their invisibility to the gay rights movement is a problem.

Rafia Zakaria

A new series explores how reading works by global women of color is generative.

Jo Guldi

Brexit is an episode in the long contest between rulers and the working class.

Judith Levine

When your father is trans, memoir is both personal and political.

Aaron Bady

Yuri Herrera's first two novels explore Mexican border identity. 

Avishai Margalit & Assaf Sharon
Liberal democracy requires that we banish religion from politics.