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Tag: Children and Family

A liberal economist and a family abolitionist agree: our economic system makes human flourishing depend on social units it can't sustain.

Will Holub-Moorman

Family policing is deeply unjust. The nuclear family is too.

Will Holub-Moorman

My son’s violent illness humbled my sense of control and transformed my understanding of what it means to parent.

Essiah Ritchie

The tone of exhausted pragmatism—even among friends of the program—is counterproductive. It is beyond time to fight fire with fire.

James G. Chappel

Freedom means a world where how I parent is simply mundane rather than overburdened with meaning. 

Jennifer C. Nash

A recording and transcript of our event on inequities in medicine and child welfare.

Ruha Benjamin, Michelle Morse, Bram Wispelwey, Dorothy Roberts

Challenges to Christian political control are often spun as threats to child welfare.

Michael Bronski

“Don’t Say Gay” laws can be traced to the Reagan-era crusade to put “parents' rights” before the interests of children.

Judith Levine

The system's roots aren't in rescuing children, but in the policing of Black, Indigenous, and poor families.

nia t. evans, Dorothy Roberts

During the Cold War, El Paso public schools knew this too when they taught the children of former Nazis how to be white Americans.

Jonna Perrillo
Some feminists think we can improve motherhood. But what if abolishing it is the only way to alleviate its problems?
Judith Levine

The Judge Rotenberg Center, a Massachusetts school, still uses electric shock therapy to punish disabled students. How can an entire field of mental health accept this as fine?

John Summers

On language and belonging.

Ariella Aïsha Azoulay
My patients and I don’t use words like “choice” or “viability.”
Christine Henneberg

Recent works depict the agonies and rage of being a low-wage housekeeper or nanny. But all fail to identify capitalism itself as the culprit.

Sophie Lewis

Celebrating public sexuality is an important step toward a future free of racism and homophobia.

Joseph J. Fischel

Amidst a boys’ club of ’70s-era comics, Shary Flenniken’s Trots and Bonnie was unique for its feminist depiction of the political and sexual awakening of young women.

John Crowley

Direct payments to families should replace backdoor tax breaks.

Ben Zdencanovic

The stakes of religious exemption challenges.

Briana Last, Joanna Wuest

A trip to Machu Picchu ends up offering surprising insights into what it means to be a survivor of the genocide of Native Americans.

Deborah Taffa
Elizabeth Catte’s new book examines how Virginia progressives believed the forced sterilization of poor whites would pave the way to a bright future—and how their legacy endures in national parks and prisons.
Ellen Wayland-Smith

Amid widespread indifference toward the most vulnerable, even small acts of kindness can make a difference.

Michael McColly

A new book shows how Trump’s family separation policy belongs to a much longer history of child-taking by the U.S. government.

Paul M. Renfro
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