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Tag: Europe

Julie Michelle Klinger

Rare earth mining will disrupt local climate resilience. Who should pay the price?

Stephen Milder

German leaders have responded to war in Ukraine with huge increases in defense spending, breaking with the culture of pacifism that emerged after World War II and marking a new wave of militarization.

Jonathan Levy

The tradition allows private and public life to meet, maintaining a baseline solidarity in civic life.

Tobias Hübinette

The recent electoral success of a party with Nazi origins must be understood as part of the long history of white Swedes’ desire for racial homogeneity.

Marta Figlerowicz
Poland and Russia both think of Ukraine as a seat of authentic Slavic culture. A new translation of Józef Czapski’s war memoir highlights how this has often clashed with Ukraine’s independence.
Rajan Menon
Condemning Putin's war must go hand in hand with imagining a more just security order.
Eugene Rumer, Rajan Menon
Selected by The New York Times as one of the best reads for context on the current conflict, our book on the unwinding of the post–Cold War order is now available for all to read.
Ileana Nachescu
The war is shaped by global neoliberalism, sexism, and racism—not just Cold War dynamics.
Simon Waxman
Putin's war in Ukraine breaks the rules, but powerful states always do. Far from dying, a just global order remains to be built.
Samuel Clowes Huneke
In the 1970s, gay and lesbian West Germans sought to answer the question of what it meant to forge political solidarity from sexual identity.
David McDermott Hughes

In the most turbine-surrounded community in the world, poor residents understand that their loss—of land, jobs, and serenity—has nothing to do with the common good. Clean energy advocates should take notice.

Paul Hockenos

Pushing back against the throw-away economy, the EU is designing an industrial policy around garbage.

Martin O’Neill

Center-left parties should learn that small-bore solutions are a waste of time.

David Alff
The fight over the American Jobs Plan reflects a long history of competing visions of public works—and, most of all, who should benefit from rebuilding.
John R. Bowen
Food is becoming a target for anti-Islam politics.
Mikhal Dekel
Not all research is at stake, however, only work that reveals the role of ethnic Poles in the persecution of Poland’s Jews.
Stephen Milder

The Greens are on track to become Germany’s second strongest party. For many, this is proof that abandoning radicalism was the right choice, but a new novel offers valuable insights into why it should be recovered.

Nadia Marzouki, Elizabeth Shakman Hurd
A proposed French bill says so. But, strictly speaking, there can be no such thing as blasphemy within the terms of secular public order.
Ariella Aïsha Azoulay
A recent report neglects to mention how France forced Arab Jews to adopt the European persona of Jew as citizen and see Arabs and Muslims as others.
William Callison, Quinn Slobodian

Defying conventional political labels and capitalizing on widespread distrust, a range of new movements share the conviction that all power is conspiracy.

Daniel Petrick
The award-winning documentary ‘Honeyland’ sets out to offer a timeless environmental parable, but in the process it also explores misconceptions about the region’s culture and history. 
Adele Lebano

With few restrictions and no tracing of the disease’s spread, the government is relying upon Swedish character and traditions to see it through the pandemic.

Paul Hockenos
Germany's low death rate and quick payout of relief to workers makes a case for social democracy as preparedness.
Holly Case
The winner of the National Book Award for Translated Literature serves up an apocalyptic vision of Hungarian society.
Paul Hockenos

30 years after the Wall, the story of Berlin's anarchist utopia.

Yuliya Komska
Far-right leaders often call for one nation united under one language. At the same time, they have always been good at using translation to spread their politics.
Anthony Paletta

Yugoslavia produced a thrilling variety of buildings—frequently departing from the prefabricated monotony of the Eastern Bloc.

David R. K. Adler

But it is increasingly difficult to question Israel’s policies without accusations of anti-Semitism.

Nancy Scheper-Hughes
The pontiff still hasn't commented on Ireland's abortion referendum. That could all change when he visits the country in August. 
Carlos Fraenkel

The focus on Muslim anti-Semitism obscures the real quandary of multiculturalism in Angela Merkel’s Germany.

Marta Figlerowicz

To understand why Europe seems more balkanized now than ever, we must look to Eastern Europe's failed reconstruction.

J. W. Mason
Yanis Varoufakis's lessons for reasserting European social democracy.
Georg Diez
Reckoning with Germany’s dangerous legacy.
Paul Hockenos

Could Germany's left-wing parties unseat Angela Merkel in Sunday's election? Only if they bury the hatchet.

Rogers Brubaker

The very forces that sustain populist politics could eventually undermine populism.

Paul Hockenos
Can Angela Merkel circumvent Trump to build a multipolar alliance on climate change?
Martin O’Neill
Were Labour's gains in the recent British election overblown, or is there real cause for hope?
Martin O’Neill
It has not been an easy path from Blairite centrism to radical socialist hope.
Martin O’Neill
Theresa May came to bury the Labour Party, but instead she and her party have been deeply damaged.
Jo Guldi

Brexit is an episode in the long contest between rulers and the working class.

Alex de Waal

The vote will have consequences far beyond the UK's borders. 

Holly Case

Prominent Hungarian intellectuals have taken surprising anti-immigrant stances.

Stephen Phelan

Spain struggles to honor the legacy of Cervantes.

Mark Weisbrot

Weaker European economies chafe against an anti-democratic euro.

Paul Linden-Retek

Europe must accept that post-nationalism, by nature, is porous at its borders.

Arthur Goldhammer

The Front National is not in government, but it’s still making gains.

Julian Bourg

The history of terrorism in France offers lessons in how best to respond to the Paris attacks.

Martin O’Neill

Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of the UK Labour Party, is helping to revive the radical left.

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