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Tag: Human Rights

Why is the reality of Palestinian suffering denied in the Israeli consciousness?

Oded Na’aman

How Zionism’s dreams of liberation became entangled with colonialism.

Barnett R. Rubin

Israel's attacks on health care workers and facilities in Gaza are unprecedented.

Joelle M. Abi-Rached

Israel's weaponization of images since October 7 obfuscates its genocidal campaign against Palestinians.

Ariella Aïsha Azoulay

The law occludes the abhorrent violence routinely perpetrated by states in the name of self-defense.

A. Dirk Moses

“Never again” means standing up for Palestinian people. “Never again” means this very moment.

Stefanie Fox

A conversation with Palestinian human rights attorney Noura Erakat on the need for a political solution.

Deborah Chasman, Noura Erakat

Amid ongoing reporting and ethical outrage, we need context for the fight between Hamas and Israel—and how it shapes possibilities for peace.

Rajan Menon
Andrew Ross

The legal doctrine of "superior responsibility" makes the Russian president liable for war crimes committed in Ukraine.

Feisal G. Mohamed

In her new book, historian Kelly Lytle Hernández makes the case for why U.S. history only makes sense when told as a binational story.

Jonna Perrillo

Condemning U.S. deference to Israel, a cousin remembers the life and legacy of the slain Palestinian American journalist.

Jennifer Zacharia

Critics say human rights discourse blunts social transformation. It doesn't have to.

Zachary Manfredi

Twenty years of cruel anti-immigrant policy have left thousands of asylum seekers in limbo, detained in offshore prisons or in mainland commercial hotels.

Eleanor Davey

The lawless—and ongoing—administration of the prison by four American presidents underwrites the broader democratic crisis we face today.

Baher Azmy

In the high-tech culture of Tel Aviv, military-grade spying on civilians has become just another office job.

Sophia Goodfriend

Have efforts to conduct war more humanely in fact only perpetuated it?

Anthony Dworkin

The U.S. occupation of Afghanistan sacrificed politics—the only viable route to peace—for massive corruption and violence.

Faisal Devji
Liberalism cannot simply be extended to the uterus. Reproductive justice requires a vision of the social body.
Abby Minor

Can the nation-state serve social justice?

Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò leads a forum with Thea Riofrancos, Mariame Kaba & Andrea Ritchie, Ishac Diwan & Bright Simons, and others. Plus Leila Farsakh on Palestinian statehood, Astra Taylor and Leah Hunt-Hendrix on a “solidarity state,” Joshua Craze on rule by militia, and much more. 

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