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Tag: U.S.

Lisa Heinzerling

Through an assault on administrative agencies, the Supreme Court is systematically eroding the legal basis of effective governance.

Quinn Slobodian, William Callison

Defying conventional political labels and capitalizing on widespread distrust, a range of new movements share the conviction that all power is conspiracy.

Bruce Schneier, Henry Farrell
Democracies rely on the free exchange of ideas and information, but that freedom can also be weaponized to erode democratic debate. How can democratic societies protect—and protect themselves from—the free flow of digital information?
Joseph A. McCartin, Stephen Lerner, Sarita Gupta

Traditional worker organizing has failed on every level. But new approaches are finding success, pointing the way to a more just future.

Mark Tseng-Putterman, Donna Nevel
Two Jewish activists discuss the place of anti-Semitism in contemporary movements for social justice.
Benjamin Balthaser
The resurgence of anti-Semitism today is not a quirk of Donald Trump. As a new book shows, it has deep roots in powerful institutions.
Richard White

Despite what Steve King says, the U.S. was never a Christian nation.

Christopher Kutz

Taking a stand against Trump has material consequences for government workers. Here's how we can help.

Victor Ray
Stop-and-frisk and broken-windows policing have ravaged black communities, treating everyone as criminals, while failing to make cities any safer. Now Trump wants to revive them.
Kelly Lytle Hernández

Throughout the twentieth century, bipartisan consensus was that black youth were latent criminals in need of abundant policing.