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Tag: U.S.

For generations of American radicals, the path to liberation required a new constitution, not forced removal.

Aziz Rana

A Vietnam veteran on the political legacy of self-sacrifice and the necessity of war resistance.

David Cortright


Democrats increasingly rely on affluent suburbanites. Does that spell the end of a bold economic agenda?

Jacob S. Hacker, Paul Pierson

Jefferson Cowie speaks with Aziz Rana about whether the language of freedom can be taken back from its "sordid history" in the U.S. context.

Jefferson Cowie, Aziz Rana

Why did the blue city agree to host the Republican National Convention—and to suspend a hard-won police reform for its duration?

Rachel Ida Buff

Biden’s industrial policy program promises a massive shift from decades of neoliberal orthodoxy. Can it deliver inclusive gains in time?

K. Sabeel Rahman

A tragedy in Birmingham and the making of a radical.

Ed Pavlić

How U.S. laws—branding Palestinians as “terrorists” and redefining anti-Semitism—serve Israel’s interests.

Maryam Jamshidi
Thad Williamson

Janice Fine explains how “co-enforcement”—a bold new model for upholding labor law—is linking the state to social movements.

Paul Engler, Mark Engler, Janice Fine

How a little-understood feature of urban finance—municipal bonds—fuels racial inequality.

Clark Randall

Jeanne Theoharis speaks with Margaret Burnham on her work in reconstructing Jim Crow terror, within and outside the law.

Margaret A. Burnham, Jeanne Theoharis

What happens when radical historians write for the public.

David Waldstreicher

Fifty years ago, the American Indian Movement occupied the site of a historic massacre. They won real gains in the face of brutal counterinsurgency tactics.

Joel Whitney

A conversation with Dan Berger and veteran activists Zoharah Simmons and Michael Simmons on the origins of Black Power and the work of coalition building.

nia t. evans

Even in states without bans on abortion or gender-affirming care, hidden religious restrictions in secular hospitals harm patients.

James Nelson, Elizabeth Sepper

On violence and the possibility of solidarities in America.

Gaiutra Bahadur

Through an assault on administrative agencies, the Supreme Court is systematically eroding the legal basis of effective governance.

Lisa Heinzerling

Defying conventional political labels and capitalizing on widespread distrust, a range of new movements share the conviction that all power is conspiracy.

William Callison, Quinn Slobodian

How can democratic societies protect—and protect themselves from—the free flow of digital information?

Bruce Schneier, Henry Farrell

Can the nation-state serve social justice?

Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò leads a forum with Thea Riofrancos, Mariame Kaba & Andrea Ritchie, Ishac Diwan & Bright Simons, and others. Plus Leila Farsakh on Palestinian statehood, Astra Taylor and Leah Hunt-Hendrix on a “solidarity state,” Joshua Craze on rule by militia, and much more. 

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