The Bonfire of the Words

“If ideas are discarded when no longer modish, could we not do the same with unfashionable words?”

Who’s Afraid of Frantz Fanon?

Long decried by liberals and conservatives alike, the Martinican psychiatrist remains one of the most piercing critics of colonialism.

Two Photographs

The first capturing your gaze into nowhere
the other when you covered your face with your hands
so you were not anonymous, only unseen

Three Poems

a sunset makes a sound doesn’t it
I learned    too late

Naming the Unnamed War

Bertrand Tavernier’s daring documentary about the Algerian revolution sought to break the silence in France.

A Menacing Silence

Why is the reality of Palestinian suffering denied in the Israeli consciousness?

Two Poems

From time to time, language dies. / It is dying now. / Who is alive to speak it?

The New Blue Divide

Democrats increasingly rely on affluent suburbanites. Does that spell the end of a bold economic agenda? A forum with Heather Gautney, Ro Khanna, Dorian Warren, and others.

Speaking Liberation’s Language

Jefferson Cowie speaks with Aziz Rana about whether the language of freedom can be taken back from its “sordid history” in the U.S. context.