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Tag: Gender and Sexuality

Feminist arguments against body modification are a dead end.

Becca Rothfeld

A sharp uptick in challenges to U.S. antidiscrimination laws threatens decades of progress in extending civil rights to all.

Louise Melling

Trans-inclusive policies are essential, but efforts to establish them must not lose sight of the structural oppressions that trans people face. 

Robin Dembroff, Paisley Currah

Just as abolitionists fought the Fugitive Slave Act, those resisting the criminalization of reproductive health can employ jury nullification.

Sonali Chakravarti

What would it look like if we put our desires at the center of our politics?

adrienne maree brown

Harm reduction strategies have the best chance of stopping this disease.

Joshua Gutterman Tranen

The gender politics of Positive Psychology valorize the nuclear family and heterosexual monogamy.

Micki McElya

The late author of Nickel and Dimed played a major role in women’s liberation and U.S. socialism.

Lynne Segal

Cruising extends the political value of the city as a space that brings us into contact with people who seem unlike us until we realize our shared desires.

Jack Parlett

Our well-being depends on a better understanding of how the logic of labor has twisted our relationship with pleasure.

Breanne Fahs

Sex workers are labor's vanguard. The left ignores them at its peril.

Heather Berg

The patchwork of government regulations around sex and gender causes endless misery for transgender people.

Samuel Clowes Huneke

A new book offers a compelling, if imperfect, account of the bad feelings with which trans people often struggle.

Jules Joanne Gleeson

How four women defended ethical thought from the legacy of positivism.

Alice Crary

Tinder and OkCupid should drop the gender binary. Doing so would help all users—queer and straight alike.

M. Andler

In the fight for LGBTQ equality, the law is often the last thing to change.

Mary Bernstein

Challenges to Christian political control are often spun as threats to child welfare.

Michael Bronski
The reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act is an important step, but activist Mary Kathryn Nagle argues that only full restoration of Indigenous sovereignty will stop the epidemic.
Emma Lower, Mary Kathryn Nagle

On the importance of women’s studies after the USSR collapsed, and what it helps us understand about Putin’s war on Ukraine.

Irina Zherebkina

How the Kremlin weaponizes “traditional values,” portraying LGBT rights as existential threats to the nation.

Emil Edenborg
Some feminists think we can improve motherhood. But what if abolishing it is the only way to alleviate its problems?
Judith Levine

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