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Tag: History

Jonathan Kirshner

Niall Ferguson’s protestations aside, Henry Kissinger was the quintessential foreign policy realist.

Saul Mendlovitz, Jonathan Dean, Randall Forsberg

How early warning and early action can prevent the escalation of disputes into armed violence.

Alexander B. Downes

History shows that forcing rulers from power rarely works. Even apparently successful regime changes often leads to bitter civil war.

Jodi Dean, Charisse Burden-Stelly

And what today’s organizers can learn from them.

Stewart O’Nan

Why a great writer of the Age of Anxiety disappeared from print

Andy Battle

In the 1974 cult-classic teleplay Penda’s Fen, the past holds the key to escaping the catastrophic present. We too can learn from wilder pasts in our confrontations with capitalism today.

Andrew Lanham

W. E. B. Du Bois may be our keenest critic of Trumpism today.

Carlos Fraenkel

A new book suggests that modern readers can still follow the path of reason that Spinoza traced to true well-being, but they might not want to.

Eric Moses Gurevitch

Two recent books force us to rethink what knowledge is, where it is located, and how it moves.