November/December 2015

The Lure of Luxury

Paul Bloom debates

Susan A. Gelman, Virginia Postrel, Shamus Khan, Nicholas A. Christakis, David Cloutier, Debra Satz, Bruce Hood, Joel M. Podolny, Will Wilkinson, and Judith Levine.


Editors' Note

Deborah Chasman and Joshua Cohen


Dispatch: A Rock and a Hard Place
Umar Farooq
Made in America: A Street Divided
Claude Fischer
Wonders: "Female Viagra" Is No Feminist Triumph
Anne Fausto-Sterling
Perspective: The Refugee Crisis Is Here to Stay
Elizabeth Dunn


Reliable Rebel

Jeremy Corbyn and the Revival of the Radical Left
Martin O'Neill

Private Life

Speaking in Tongues

Dave Byrne


The Wheel
Samantha Leese

Books & Ideas

A Servant Heart
How Neoliberalism Came to Be
James Chappel
Ghost in the Machine
Sven Birkerts's Changing the Subject
Jenny Hendrix
Forensic Pseudoscience
The Unheralded Crisis of Criminal Justice
Nathan Robinson

On Poetry

Eighteenth Annual Poetry Contest

Safiya Sinclair introduced by Cathy Park Hong

Everyone's Problem
Cathy Linh Che's Split and Lizzie Harris's Stop Wanting
Jessica Bozek
In Deep and Out Far
Joanna Klink's Excerpts from a Secret Prophecy and Emily Wilson's The Great Medieval Yellows 
David Baker
Microreviews of Wolf Centos by Simone Muench; O'Nights by Cecily Parks; Everytime a Knot Is Undone, a God Is Released by Barbara Chase-Riboud; Chord by Rick Barot; and The Uses of the Body by Deborah Landau. 

On Film

An Honest Woman
Isabel Coixet's Learning to Drive
Alan A. Stone


Bad Intelligence
Corey Van Landingham
I Am Karl Marx
Jen Levitt
Courtyard Fire
Arthur Sze
Archive Fever
Hai-Dang Phan
A Brief History of the Human Ear
Bruce Bond
The Maker
J. Estanislao Lopez
Two Poems
Cole Swensen
On Styrofoam
Zoë Hitzig
don't you worry 'bout a thing*
erica lewis
Two Poems
Tomaž Šalamun, trans. Brian Henry
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