July/August 2015

The Logic of Effective Altruism

Peter Singer debates

Daron Acemoglu, Emma Saunders-Hastings, Angus Deaton, Rob Reich, Jennifer Rubenstein, Paul Brest, Larissa MacFarquhar, Iason Gabriel, Leila Janah, András Miklós, and Catherine Tumber.



Editors' Note

Deborah Chasman and Joshua Cohen


Dispatch: Beaches and Bombs
Sarah Hill
Perspective: One Nation Under God
Laura Premack
Made in America: The Problem with David Brooks
Claude S. Fischer
Wonders: Cold Case
Anne Fausto-Sterling


A Family Affair
The Moynihan Report at Fifty
Stephen Steinberg


Dole Girl
Barbara Hamby
Winner of the 2015 Aura Estrada Contest, selected by Ruth Ozeki

Books & Ideas

Your Own Worst Enemy
Susan Neiman's Why Grow Up?
Vivian Gornick
A Science of Literature
Ben Merriman
The Compassionate Traveler
Jessa Crispin
Too Much Information
Making Transparency Good for You 
Elena Fagotto and Archon Fung

On Poetry

Poet's Sampler

Meg Freitag introduced by Lisa Olstein

Keepers of History
Mary Jo Bang's The Last Two Seconds
Elizabeth Metzger
Work This Thing
Fred Moten's The Little Edges and The Feel Trio
Elizabeth Willis
Microreviews of gentlessness by Dan Beachy-Quick, Costume En Face by Tatsumi Hijikata and Moe Yamamoto (trans. Sawako Nakayasu), Ban en Banlieue by Bhanu Kapil, They Don't Kill You Because They're Hungry, They Kill You Because They're Full by Mark Bibbins, and Wolfman Librarian by Filip Marinovich. 

On Film

Can She Act?
Olivier Assayas's Clouds of Sils Maria
Alan A. Stone


My Word
Robyn Schiff
Devouring Each Other
Christopher Kondrich
Morning Lasso
Rebecca Lehmann
Untitled (Dream with Red Splash) and L'Enfant du Paradis
Susan Mitchell
And Then and Then and Then
Catie Rosemurgy
John Kinsella
Shank of the Day: An Epithalamion
Rachel Galvin
In a Peaceful Place
Andrew Allport
Suspicious Duffel Bag, LSA Anaconda
Hugh Martin
Dore Kiesselbach
Loops of the perforce
Ryan Flaherty
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