July/August 2014

Build the Green Economy

Robert Pollin

With responses from Madeline Janis, Leslie Dewan, George R. Tynan and David G. Victor, Mara Prentiss, Sanya Carley, Reed Hundt, and Simon Caney.


Deborah Chasman and Joshua Cohen



State of the Nation: Who Cares About Climate Change?
Stephen Ansolabehere and David M. Konisky
Dispatch: People v. Dole
Susanna Bohme
Dispatch: Burning China's Garbage
Sarah Hill
Made in America: All Tech Is Social
Claude S. Fischer
Wonders: Of Maggots and Brain Scans
Anne Fausto-Sterling



Ground Down to Molasses
The Making of an American Folk Song
Dave Byrne



Leslee Becker
Winner of the 2014 Aura Estrada Short Story Contest, selected by Kiran Desai.


Books & Ideas

Architecture in Extremis
Shigeru Ban's Humanitarian Designs
Stephen Phelan
Studying the Rich
Thomas Piketty and His Critics
Mike Konczal
Righting the GOP
Mark Schmitt
The Neoliberal Bailout
Jonathan Kirshner

On Poetry

Poet's Sampler
Marni Ludwig introduced by Andrew Zawacki
Nation and Body
Julie Carr's Rag
Karinne Keithley Syers
A Thousand Labyrinths
Peter Gizzi's In Defense of Nothing
Ange Mlinko
New books by LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Harryette Mullen, Elizabeth Robinson, Roger Reeves, and Kevin Young.

On Film

Are You Jewish?
John Turturros's Fading Gigolo
Alan A. Stone


Where My Body Has Been
Regina DiPerna
Douglas Kearney
High Notes
Vona Groarke
Above the BQE
Roy Scranton
Night People
Lisa Olstein
Among the Elements in a Time of War
Eamon Grennan
Farm Hubbub
John Ashbery
La Tlemcénienne
John Ashbery
sweeping psalm
Christopher Janke
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