January/February 2016

The New Nature

Jedediah Purdy debates

Jo Guldi, Jairus Grove, Robert Paarlberg, Andreas Malm, David Keith, Anna Tsing, Ugo Mattei, Vandana Shiva, Paul Waldau, and Roy Scranton.


Editors’ Note

Deborah Chasman and Joshua Cohen


Dispatch: Weaponizing Syria’s Water
Alisa Reznick
Made in America: Survey Says . . .
Claude Fischer
Wonders: Rethinking Evolution
Anne Fausto-Sterling

Private Life


Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey


The Visigoths
Olivia Clare

Books & Ideas

Carbon on Campus
David G. Victor
To Be and To Do
Giorgio Agamben’s Luso dei corpi. Homo sacer, IV, 2
Leland de la Durantaye
Beyond Freedom and Equality
The Democratic Value of Dignity
Nick Bromell

On Poetry

Poet’s Sampler

Uyen Hua introduced by Chris Nealon

A Strange and Quiet Fullness
Charles Simic’s The Life of Images and The Lunatic
Robert Archambeau
The Volatile I
Alejandra Pizarnik’s Extracting the Stone of Madness 
Johannes Goransson
Microreviews of Juan Felipe Herrera’s Notes on the Assemblage; Caroline Knox’s To Drink Boiled Snow; Leopoldine Core’s Veronica Bench; Susie Timmons’s Superior Packets; and Danielle Vogel’s Between Grammars

On Film

Blooming, Buzzing Experience
Alice Rohrwacher’s The Wonders
Alan A. Stone


Luminaires and The City of Fremont Streets Department
John Mullen
What Made it Good
Allyson Paty
These Miles
Aaron Coleman
Bret Shepard
moon as my witness and scrapers parody buddha
Amber Atiya
The Words,
Mark Irwin
want (18) and want (19)
Rusty Morrison
Barbara Tramonte
Footnoting Biggie Lyrics Like Why Christmas Missed Us
David Tomas Martinez
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